Paraty Quantum na Escola

Outreach event

In 2007, the municipality of Paraty opened its doors to the realization of the “Paraty School and Workshop”. The city was chosen for its historical heritage, its beauty and also the appropriate infrastructure to welcome overseas and Brazilian participants, from renowned and award-winning senior scientists to students in training. Since then, the city has been receiving the scientists generously and warmly every two years, doing so again in August 2019 for the seventh edition of the consolidated main international event of Quantum Information held in the national territory.

The organizers of the event, all researchers at the National Institute of Quantum Information Science and Technology (INCT-IQ), share the desire to strengthen the existing connection with  Paraty community, assuming the organization of a public scientific communication event. Our program intends to offer a range of activities, with Physics as a central subject, for the school community and the general public of Paraty: “hands-on” workshops provided by the project “Tem Menina no Circuito“, a collection of demonstrative experiments from the collection of the Didactic Laboratory of the Institute of Physics – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, minicourses for teachers, among others.

Explore our page for the schedule. For questions, requests for information and others, write to the general coordination:
Liliana Sanz de la Torre (Instituto de Física – Universidade Federal de Uberlândia)

Suélen Brito